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Public Health Institute's Overview

Welcome Message

The Institute of Public Health at Jordan University has been established in response to health and epidemiological challenges in Jordan and the Middle East North Africa Region. The Institute is established with the prime objective of supporting the region in epidemiology, preventive medicine, health promotion, disease control and prevention, systematic screening projects, registries & patient support programs, HTA and pharmacoeconomics, and control of vaccine preventable diseases. 
We have put Epidemiological and clinical research within our top priorities.

In parallel, the Institute will launch highly needed postgraduate and educational programs in these fields along with providing consultancy and research projects according to priorities in the region. This evidence based hub is a platform for all researchers and experts from the region. We, through the scientific and technical committees, are here to support any initiative that is intended to help improving healthcare and patients’ access & outcomes in the MENA region.

Finally, I thank all colleagues from Jordan University for their fruitful efforts and thank all stakeholders & partners in Jordan and the region for their ongoing work to improve health in our area.

Sincerely yours,
Munir Abu-Helalah MD MPH PhD
Director, Public Health Institute,
Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
Department of Family and Community Medicine
School of Medicine
Jordan University